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Caskets and Funeral Supplies Made In China

Why Caskets and Funeral Supplies Made In China?

Caskets and funeral supplies made in China are becoming popular for four main reasons:

  •  they are becoming easier to import,
  •  they are much less expensive than American-made caskets,
  •  they improve the bottom line and margins for the distributors and funeral homes,
  •  they are of equal or greater quality than American-made caskets.

Chinese Caskets Are Easier For Anyone To Import

One of the reasons caskets made in China are becoming more popular is because they are becoming easier for the small business owner to import. It is not a good idea to just call up a casket factory in China and place an order. You will inevitably run into trouble. Big companies can afford to hire a quality control agent to reside in China and keep an eye on the factory. This is not so easy for the small distributor or funeral home.

This is not the case anymore. Chinese casket sourcing agents, such as Everbright Blue Limited HK, offer onsite inspection and risk management of Chinese caskets and funeral supplies on the factory floor of the casket and funeral supply manufacturer. The importer's caskets will be inspected 100% before they are boxed up and shipped. This helps avoid the four main problems involved with importing anything from China:

  • product replacement,
  • poor quality,
  • late delivery time
  • solving issues, credits or replacements.

Many importers who place an order with a Chinese factory and hope for the best often receive items that they did not order, such as the wrong styles, wrong colors, scratches and dents and wrong materials.

Also, quality is an issue with caskets made in China. The major quality problems with caskets from Chinese manufacturers are bad paint jobs, large dents and scratches, bad welding jobs, etc.

Using Everbright Blue Limited HK as sourcing agent that provides onsite inspection before shipment can avoid all these issues. Furthermore, such sourcing agents have very reasonable fees.

Caskets and Funeral Supplies Made In China Are Extremely Inexpensive

Caskets and funeral supplies made in China are hundreds of dollars less than those made in the United States. Take a look at the casket below.

This same model costs about $1400 wholesale when bought from a US casket manufacturer. The same model made in China costs about $400, and that's even after shipping to the United States east coast. That is a savings of $1000. If a casket distributor imported a container of this style from China, that's 64 caskets, they would save $64,000. That's $64,000 more of profit. Or, the distributor could pass this savings on to the funeral home, and the funeral home could pass the same savings along to the family purchasing the casket.

Caskets Made in China Can Be High Quality

I say "can be" high quality because this depends what kind of quality control is in place. Chinese casket and funeral supplies manufacturers unfortunately have poor quality control, true (FACT) they are driven on production, not quality. This is why it is important to utilize the services of a sourcing risk management agent that provides onsite quality inspection control services. That means there is a human being at the Chinese factory who works for the buyer and NOT the factory. This human being inspects 100% of all the caskets and funeral supplies before they are shipped. Utilizing such services will minimize the risk involved with importing caskets and funeral supplies from China.

How To Import Chinese Caskets

Importing caskets and funeral supplies made in China can be an overwhelming process full of worry and headache. A sourcing agent, such as Everbright Blue Limited HK, can make importing caskets and funeral supplies from China a breeze. Learn more about these important aspects of importing Chinese caskets and funeral supplies:

  • Onsite inspection of caskets and funeral supplies
  • Facilitation of purchase order
  • Arrangement of door-to-door worldwide shipping

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