Our Metal And Wood Casket Factory

Brief Introduction

Everbright Blue Limited been working with this supplier metal and wood casket factory for more than eight years and with our guidance and casket expertise is one of the oldest and largest leading casket manufacturers in China.


Our factory products are metal caskets and wood caskets. The metal caskets are available in 20 gauge caskets both sealed or non-gaskets . 18 gauge steel caskets, Stainless steel caskets. Copper and Solid Bronze caskets.

(Note) All of our 18 gauge caskets are true 18 gauge unlike the other metal caskets factories in China who say their 18 gauge but are not.


This factory is an OEM global supplier for the auto market for car chassis, undercarriage and other auto parts, They have solid new modern equipments for stamping casket lids and excellent welding machines, both manual and robotic for joint of the casket body.

Also they have their own modern primer and painting line and interior workshop.

All the production lines are with the most skilled technicians in China. With over ten years of experience guarantee that we can have advantage both in quantity and quality.

We can produce over forty 40hq containers per month and growing.


With Everbright Blue Limited doing 100% inspection for our clients, we have strict and complete quality control process, which guarantee good quality caskets, meeting client’s requirements go to our customers. Our main market is USA, Canada, Europe, South-east Asia and Africa, our products have been poplar with customers from these markets.

Pictured below is the manufacturing plant.

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